Assessment 1 Fusion Tables

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 22.19.30Google has created a dedicated tool for data management called Google Fusion Tables.

Google Fusion Tables is a free web service, which allows storing, visualising the tabular data and sharing larger data tables in a visual and interactive way.

With Fusion Table is possible to merge two or three tables to generate a single visualisation called Heatmap that displays colours on the map to represent the density of points from a table.

The tables that are used for to merge could be rows of data in a delimited Excel spreadsheet, text files (.csv, .tsv, or .txt), and Keyhole Markup Language files (.kml) or public data on the web.

The tables created with Fusion Table will be saved in Google Drive.

The assignment on Fusion Table required to outlining an Irish population Heatmap based on the 2011 census data.

The Heatmap has been achieved merging two Tables, one is related a public data available on the Central Statistics Office that represents population of each Province, County and City in 2011 and the other Table is related to a Keyhole Markup Language file.

The procedure that has been followed is listed below:

  • Downloading the Fusion Table application on Chrome Web Store.
  • The second Fusion Table is created coping the data related to the Irish population census 2011, firstly to an Excel spreadsheet file than the Excel File has been exported in another file with a csv extension in order to be uploaded then on the Google Fusion Table Application.
  • Once I have both tables saved in my Google drive, I selected the button File – Merge from the first Table Fusion created “map_lead” and I merged with the Irish population .csv file.
  • The key to create a Heatmap is to link the common information, in this case the Heatmap has been created matching the name of the Country that are that are listed in both Tables Fusion.

Summarising, the information that has been gleamed from the Heatmap, refers to the census population in 2011 visualised for each county in the map of Ireland.

The Heatmap is visualising in particular interactive information related to the population for each Country. We can see that there are countries with more density of population like Dublin with 1,273,069 and less in Leitrim with 31,798.

If we wish we could also include data related to the female and male population, and different sort of information that could be useful for an immediate analysis.

Finally we can highlight that Heatmap could represent any sorts of data, from numbers, colour, and size in a map. Could be used for a better interpretation and visualisation of data as is interactive, intuitive, and easy to create. Particularly can be copied in documents, blogs or presentation, therefore make it practically to use.

The fact that allows also adding a legend, description, filter specific data and change future styles makes the Google Fusion Table an incredible web free useful tool.

Module Title: B8IS100 Data Management and Analytics |Sabrina Titi – 10190537

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